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Our goal is to be a full-service organization committed to helping individuals grow both athletically and academically so they can be successful in every facet of life. We are expanding the scope of our services and increasing the impact on our community.

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Wolfpack Mission

Provide a safe, productive environment where young athletes can be taught, developed and trained on the fundamentals necessary to help them achieve their basketball goals and academic success.Our goal is that this experience builds strength and character, social development and teaches every athlete who participates in our program the values of self-motivation and hard work.

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Wolfpack ALumni

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CJ Robinson '18

Lake State University

Matt Nicholson '21

Northwestern University

Trey Townsend '21

Oakland University

Bryce Esman '22

Wayne State University

Tyler Houston 2018

Wayne State University

Wolfpack Coaches

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Our coaches are a dedicated team committed to nurturing both the athletic prowess and personal growth of our talented players. Led by a dynamic group of seasoned mentors, our coaching staff brings a wealth of experience and passion to the field.

Special events

Wolfpack Madness

Join us under the Friday night lights as the North Oakland Wolfpack takes center stage for an evening filled with adrenaline-pumping action and unbeatable team spirit. Wolfpack Madness is more than just a game; it's a showcase of determination, skill, and the unbreakable bond that ties our players, coaches, and fans together.

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