Huge Wolfpack Weekend

Huge Wolfpack Weekend

6 Wolfpack team took to the hardwood this weekend to compete in a local basketball event. 4 of the teams came away with hardware with one other team finishing as runner-ups and the other falling in the semifinals of a event they decided to play up in.  Needless to say, it was a great overall weekend for the program as a whole:

3rd-boys – This is a relatively new group that has come together fast. They a short and cute, but don’t let their youth fool you. These guys love to get after it. They are active and aggressive and simply enjoy playing the game. They feature a pair of twins Vance and Chandler who are fun to watch. They also have players like Tanner, Luke Max, Charlie and Jack who have all picked their moments to carry this group to success. They have grown so much from the start of the season to now and we trust that they will only get better.

4th boys – This 4th-grade team has won at least two events and has lost in the final of two other events. They are tough, competitive, and hardworking. They have talented guards that can really shoot like Billy Cumberworth and recent tournament MVP Kyles Quayle. They also have good athletes like Connor Boehms, Dallas Moss, Charles Franson, and Brayden Bryd who don’t just excel at basketball but in other sports. If this group stays together they will continue to be a force in the future.

5th-grade boys – This group picked up their 2nd tournament win after winning their league. Playing up in most events this group loves to challenge themselves. They feature 4 individuals who can play multiple positions which makes them very interchangeable. In fact, you will hear much about this group in years to come. One of the leaders is Austin Ananich. Austin is a bucket. He’s quick, crafty, and has an arsenal of offensive moves. Austin has score with the best of guards in his class. JJ Silcox is a nice-sized guard who is silky smooth. JJ is a great shooter for his age and has quick hands and feet which he almost always uses to his advance. JJ is very athletic so rebounding, defending, and penetrating to the rim almost seem effortless to him. Myles Robinson is another longer guard who can play 1-4 at this age. Myles has great handles and excellent court vision. He is a pass first guard, but can score when necessary. Myles is a leader who is a team first guy. Finally, this team features Liam Dutcheshen. Liam does a little bite of everything for this group. Liam has a high motor and doesn’t always need the ball to be effective. Liam manufacture his point by defending and rebounding, but can definitely take opposing players off the dribble to get a buckets. This team which has already racked up 32 wins also features the likes of Gavin Doyle, Brayden O’Neil, Charlie Kraegel and Gavin Schlinker who are all good players in the own rights.

8th grade girls – This group is 8-2 over their last ten games. It was great to see them finally close the deal after losing in the semi-finals of their last two events to the same team. This team features a few multiple sport players who can excel at anything they do. Guard Savannah is the captain and leader. Savannah is strong and quick and knows how to find Kylin Cumberworth who has turned into a very consistent shooter. Kylin has had games where she has knocked down 4-5 three point shots. This team also features Ava Wasilk who is returning from a injury. Her return gives the team another ball handler and someone else who can create their own shot and get to the rim. Ulara Hill and Sydney has played with this group for awhile. Both are quick, athletic and can defend really well. Finally, there is Mrs Versatile Brooke Bond. Brooke is a high energy, team first player who you can plug anywhere. Brook is an excellent rebounder and is a good midrange shooter.